Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Drawer # 2.3 : Beauty

In Colum McCann's fictionalized story of the life of Rudolf Nureyev, Dancer: A Novel, the ballet teacher, Alexander Ivanovich Pushkin, writes to the young dancer:

The magic of a dance, young man, is something purely accidental. The irony of this is that you have to work harder than anyone for the accident to occur. Then, when it happens, it is the only thing in your life guaranteed never to happen again. This, to some, is an unhappy state of affairs, and yet to others, it is the only ecstasy. Perhaps, then, you should forget everything I have said to you and remember only this: The real beauty in life is that beauty can sometimes occur.
- Sasha

             Drawer 2.3:  From top: 
1. Emptiness 
2. Green dormer window (Cardboard, glass, corrugated paper, milk paint) based on a window once glimpsed from the car while speeding by on the elevated highway.   
3 & 4. Stems of Long Yan, "Dragon Eye" Fruit tied with pink plastic string, found on the street (held by pins, cardboard with milk paint.) The fruits often hang in bunches by their stems from the ceilings of fruit stands.    
For  a companion drawer, click here.   Photo credit: Bruno David     

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