Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Virtual Drawer # 4: Shadow Puppet Theater of Qibao

Julie Kesti, artist, bodyworker, Shanghai-based blogger recently introduced me to the work of shadow puppeteer Annie Katsura Rollins...& Annie's wonderful website on Chinese shadow puppetry inspired  Julie & me to set off to Qibao where years ago I'd seen a shadow puppet performance. Given how things here disappear from one moment to the next, we were thrilled to find the "Qibao Shadowgraph Museum" still in place, still on its old schedule. Performances are on Weds & Sundays at 1 and last aout one hour. The older locals wander in & out of the performances adding to the charm of it all.

It's an easy little trip from Shanghai: Line 9 to Qibao, just 20 mins from Xujiahui, then a few blocks of walking to "Old Town Street."

For a video preview, click here to witness the ferocious fight that leads to that tiger in a cart in the lower left above.

For another vicarious day trip, check-out Art Critic/Writer XhingYu Chen's post about our visit around the Shanghai art scene.

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